Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam Study

Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam Study
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iPassExams 'Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam Study' includes 290 online exam prep questions for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam.

The iPassExam questions simulate the actual Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam and are in Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) format.
  • 290 multiple choice exam prep questions

All questions are kept current, so you can be confident you're studying with questions that are going to match your actual exams content. The questions are curriculum matched for the most up-to-date syllabus as laid out by Google.

iPassExam Study questions are designed to be at least as difficult as those on your actual exam, and perhaps slightly more so. If you're achieving a passing score of 75% with iPassExam, you can be confident of achieving a similar passing score on the actual exam.

Learn from your mistakes
When using the iPassExam question bank, each question is marked one at a time. Once the question has been answered, you will be able to view the correct answer with a summary explanation and further reading links.

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