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Whether starting out, skilling up, or specializing in Microsoft technology, Exam Replay can help you get there!

Exam Replay—Certification Exam with a Retake

Exam Replay gives you a second chance to pass your Microsoft Certification exam. Whether validating your technical skillset or specializing on a specific solution, Exam Replay can help you reach your goal.

Exam Replay with Practice Test—Certification Exam with a Retake and Practice Test

Add a Microsoft Official Practice Test to Exam Replay to better prepare for your Microsoft Certification exam. A practice test will boost your readiness and a retake will give you that additional opportunity.

Interested in taking your exam online?

Use your Exam Replay voucher to take an online proctored exam conveniently from home or work via OnVUE. Check out the Microsoft OnVUE page to learn more about online testing.

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Exam Replay

One (1) MCP exam voucher
+ Exam retake

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exam replay

Exam Replay
with Practice Test

One (1) MCP exam voucher
+ Exam retake
+ Microsoft Official Practice Test

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Retake available if needed. Prices listed in USD. Exam prices vary by country and can be seen at checkout. All exams including retakes must be taken within 1 year of purchase. Microsoft’s retake policy applies. Microsoft Official Practice Test, powered by MeasureUp, must be activated within 1 year of purchase and is available online for 30 days after activation.


Q. What is a Microsoft Certification?

A. Microsoft Certification gives you a professional edge by validating your technical expertise through globally recognized, industry-endorsed evidence of skills mastery. Microsoft fundamentals, role-based, and specialty exams, focus on real-world requirements to help you and your career keep pace with today’s industry requirements. When you earn your first role-based certification, you automatically become a Microsoft certified member of the community which grants you access to exclusive benefits and news about Microsoft technologies and products through your Microsoft dashboard.

Q. What is Exam Replay?

A. Exam Replay is a series of offers from Microsoft that provide you with an exam voucher and a retake. The Exam Replay offers (Exam Replay and Exam Replay with Practice Test) include one exam voucher and one retake of the same exam for any Microsoft Certification exam. The additional option adds a Microsoft Official Practice Test.

Q. How many Exam Replay offers can I purchase at once?

A. You can purchase as many Exam Replay offers as you like.

Q. Are the Exam Replay offers available worldwide?

A. Yes, all Exam Replay offers are available worldwide. Vouchers must be redeemed in the country in which they were purchased.

Q. How many exam retakes do I get with Exam Replay offers?

A. Each Exam Replay offer and is good for one retake of the same exam.

Q. Which exams qualify for the Exam Replay offers?

A. The Exam Replay offers are valid for all Microsoft Certification exams. Exam Replay is NOT valid for any Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam, transition exam, or beta exam. The additional Practice Test product is valid for all available practice tests and is not limited to the exam associated with the voucher.

Q. Can I take an online exam with the Exam Replay voucher and retake?

A. Yes, where online exams are available, they can be taken with the exam and retake vouchers. Learn about online exams.

Q. Can I schedule my initial exam and the retake at the same time?

A. No, you cannot register for your exam retake until you have taken and failed to pass the initial exam. For details, see the Microsoft Certification exam retake policy.

Q. How do I use the Practice Test, and how long is it valid?

A. Microsoft Official Practice Tests can be activated at within one year of purchase and are valid for 30 days after activation. A practice test is not exclusive to the exam voucher selected with Exam replay and can be used for any available Microsoft Official Practice Test. View available Microsoft Official Practice Tests.

Q. Can other offers or discounts be combined with Exam Replay?

A. No, Exam Replay cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

Q. Who should I contact if I have issues purchasing or redeeming Exam Replay?

A. If you have issues purchasing or redeeming Exam Replay or Exam Replay with Practice Test, please email the Mindhub team.

Q. What if I do not find a Microsoft Official Practice Test for the exam I want to take?

A. The Practice Test can be used for any Microsoft Certification exam that is included with Exam Replay. Newer exams may not have a practice test available yet. Please confirm availability before purchasing. View available practice tests.

Q. How long are Exam Replay vouchers valid?

A. The Exam Replay vouchers are valid for one (1) year. The certification exam (including the retake) must be scheduled and taken within twelve (12) months of purchase.