Test-Pass Guarantee for MeasureUp Practice Tests

We are confident that you will pass your certification exam after successfully passing its MeasureUp Practice Test—we guarantee it!

Test-Pass Guarantee

Ensure exam readiness with these recommendations:

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Preparation guidelines
check box   Use the practice test in Practice Mode to access questions, answers, explanations and reference materials. Leverage the remediation of additional learning materials to maximize study effectiveness.
check box   Use your Score Report to identify objectives where your score is lower and more study is needed.
check box   Refine your practice experience in Practice Mode by customizing domain objectives or selecting missed questions. Use additional study time wisely.
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Determine exam readiness:
check box   Review all questions and answers using all the references in Practice Mode.
check box   Take the practice test using the Certification Mode.
check box   Achieve a score of 90% or more in Certification Mode at least twice consecutively.

If you follow this certification preparation method and fail the corresponding vendor exam twice within 90 days of your practice test purchase, we’ll give you a full refund of the purchase price of the practice test.

How to claim the guarantee:

To make a Practice Test-Pass Guarantee claim, please fill out the claim form, include the exam name, date and score of the exam(s) you have taken and your mindhub or Pearson VUE order number (located on your order confirmation email in order details). We will also need a copy of your exam score report. You can contact mindhub@pearson.com with any questions.

Refunds will be made to the credit card used for the purchase. If the practice test purchased was discounted or part of a bundle or combination of products, the refund will be prorated to reflect the actual purchase price of the practice test. Any promotional offers or products received at the time of purchase are forfeited with this claim. Shipping is not refundable. This refund does not apply to product extensions.

Online Practice Tests:

MeasureUp will remove the practice test from your Learning Locker.

Download Practice Tests:

You must uninstall or delete any copies of the product on any computer. This policy only applies to single-user licenses of MeasureUp Practice Tests purchased directly from mindhub.com.

It is not applicable to:

Failed exams taken before the purchase date of the applicable practice test. Other products sold on this website that are not MeasureUp Practice Tests.