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MeasureUp is the leading provider of certification practice tests and assessments for IT professionals. Written by subject matter experts, the practice tests cover all objectives of the exam in depth, so you'll be ready for anything. In fact, we're so confident you'll pass your certification exam after successfully passing its MeasureUp Practice Test, we guarantee it!

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Why MeasureUp?

Hands-on experience

Online performance-based simulations

Prepare for the real thing

Each question mapped to specific IT programs' objectives

Answers explained

References and explanations for correct & distractor answers

Focus your study

Identify strengths and areas that need improvement

Know the score

Instant, drill-down score reports show progress toward exam readiness

How does it work?

Practice mode

Take the practice test in Practice Mode where you can access the detailed explanations and reference material listings as needed.

Score report

Use your Score Report to identify objectives where your score is lower and more study is needed.


Continue using practice test Practice Mode and review the answer explanations for the questions you missed to better understand the concept being tested.

Certification mode

Next, use Certification Mode to practice in the timed test environment. When you can feel confident that you know the material and have passed the practice test with a score in the 90th percentile or higher at least twice consecutively, you're ready to take your exam!